Monday, May 25, 2015

Why do G-rated movies need to frighten the heck out of children?

My little boy has recently become old enough to enjoy going to the movies. What could be better than taking your kids to the movies on a Saturday afternoon?

But I've found that many, if not most, supposedly G-rated movies almost always contain frankly absolutely terrifying scenes that are often quite extended.  My boy jumps off his seat and hides and doesn't watch.

Many of these scenes are very, very scary. EVERY Pixar G-rated movie includes scenes that are terrifying to children.

But why? Why does Hollywood feel that every movie, even for tiny children, has to include deeply frightening scenes? I don't understand. It seems like the accepted wisdom is that "to frighten is to entertain".  

It's almost like Hollywood feels that movies just won't sell unless it can scare children to the bottom of their little souls.

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