Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When Apple stops bothering to compete.

When companies no longer feel competitive pressure they stop bothering to compete. Microsoft stopped bothering to compete in browser technology after IE6 effectively killed Netscape. It wasn't till Firefox arrived that Microsoft decided to keep actively doing browser development.

I'm not talking about any Apple product except the Mac Mini. I want to buy a new Mac Mini. The Mac Mini was last updated October 2012. I'm not going to buy a new computer that is effectively well out of date, so I keep waiting for the update. I've been waiting since October 2013 and no new machine.

If they do plan a new Mac Mini then they have left the update way too long - the current machine is now dead technology. If they don't plan an update - i.e. if Apple plans to discontinue the Mac Mini - then they should have announced that so we can make other plans. Either way, Apple has really dropped the ball here.

The impression given by Apple here is that it doesn't care and feels no need to compete. That's a pity, hopefully it's not a sign of over confidence.