Friday, March 20, 2020

How to explain the events of 2019/2020 to the next generation - a handy guide.

The next generation will want to know about this extraordinary time, so I have helpfully written it up for you.
"It came in late 2019. All over the world people protested about the state of things. A young girl named Greta Thunberg led a children's crusade against the many ways we were destroying the environment. Others protested inequality and objected to the people in this society left behind. People demanded change.
And in early 2020, governments listened to the many experts advising them, listened to the clamour of voices demanding action. By mid February and March the governments, knowing that they must act, made massive and unprecedented changes. They stopped the international travel polluting the earth with thousands of aeroplanes. They told the people to work from home to get the cars off the streets and cut pollution. Even the most conservative governments abandoned the old idea of "trickle down" in which to get money to the poor you first give it to the rich, who will hand it on to the poor - instead, even the most right wing governments started giving money directly to people who needed it. These governments were no longer willing to accept unemployment at the levels it was and they acted. People started to live more locally, to spend more time with their families. Working from home became the most common way of working. The waterways of Venice cleared, the pollution over China cleared.  Some people objected to the government's radical actions "It's too much", they said.  But all the governments of the world held fast in unity, they said: "The future of humanity is at stake, we are taking all the radical actions needed to save our economy and our society."  Where necessary, the governments of the world used the police and the army to enforce the needed changes. 
And around the world the governments acted with unprecedented speed.
So you can see, people power DOES work. When enough people protest and demand change and hold the governments to account, things do change, governments make the big changes needed and they do it quickly."
And that's the story of what happened in 2019/2020 and how massive change came to our society in and incredibly brief period of time. It's a lesson for future generations that governments will listen and will act and they'll do it very quickly if the voices they hear are loud enough.
Hopefully this will help you to explain to the children to the future about this incredible time of change that we live in.

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  1. And so it came to pass that the ordinary people lived in a state of perpetual fear, waiting for the next lockdown order, eking out their meagre ration of subsistence gruel and fighting over toilet paper that hyper-inflation had made unaffordable, while the elite laughed and laughed as they enjoyed the empty beaches and clear roads. All animals are equal, but some animals will always wind up more equal than others.