Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Microsoft Xbox Chatpad versus the obvious. Chatpad wins.

Microsoft has released the Chatpad for Xbox One.  A weird and clunky looking device.

It solves the obvious problem that it's hard to enter text on a console.

But the real obvious solution is to use a phone or tablet as a keyboard, not to come up with some weird boondoggle.

I am aware that there is Microsoft SmartGlass - an app for touchscreen devices that is an accompaniment to the Xbox.  Microsoft SmartGlass misses the point.  Instead of being feature-packed, Xbox Glass should have been nothing more that a keyboard and swipe interface for the Xbox One/360. Microsoft SmartGlass should have activated based on location proximity to your Xbox. Microsoft SmartGlass needed to be tightly focused in its functionality instead of being feature rich and diluted in its purpose.  It should have been a keyboard and swipe controller only.

But somehow at Microsoft, various committees thought about it and managed to come up with the very best solution - a clunky bit of hardware that you have to buy, instead of just using the device that everyone has in their pocket.

That's the Microsoft Way.

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