Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bare metal JavaScript is dead.

Bare metal JavaScript is straight JavaScript code that runs against the browser.  It's the way web browsers have been programmed virtually since the beginning. You write some code, the browser runs exactly what you wrote.

And bare metal JavaScript is dead.

You might not have heard the news yet.  This death is not sad news, it's great news.

You might still be working on a daily basis with the living zombie that is bare metal JavaScript, but believe me it is dead.

Bare metal JavaScript is now the equivalent of bare metal assembly language, and it has followed the same path to become just a target language for compilers.

In 2015 you no longer write bare metal JavaScript.  You write code in one of a selection of JavaScript successors, descendants and cousins, and that code is then transpiled to bare metal JavaScript which is what the browser runs.

If you haven't yet moved away from bare metal JavaScript to a transpiled language such as ES7, then its time you did.

And yes I know that ES7 is in fact the very latest version of the JavaScript language but so different and so much more improved and refined that it is almost a new language.

Tell your boss that you no longer wish to work with a zombie programming language and that you wish to move to ES7 or one of the ever-growing list of languages that can be transpiled to bare metal JavaScript. 

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