Saturday, June 20, 2015

Windows 10, the cluelessness shows at step one.

Cluelessness, what a great word, if it's a word at all.

I left the Windows world many years ago fed up with its general cluelessness.

I'm not your garden variety anti-Microsoft neckbeard.  For most of my professional career I was a die-hard Microsoft fan.  In fact I'm not anti Microsoft at all. I'd really like it if they got back in the game.  But many years ago the myriad problems got the better of me and I left Windows for OSX where things just worked.

Anyway having heard so many great things about Windows 10 I decided to give Windows a fresh go.  I thought maybe Microsoft has wised up and is doing things that make sense.  So I bought a new laptop with plenty of RAM and disk ready for my return to Windows.

Yesterday I started the install process by going to get the install files to copy onto my USB stick.

And immediately, before taking one single step back into the Windows world, before Windows 10 could run one instruction on my machine, I was smacked in the face with the old Microsoft cluelessness and I despaired.  Here's what Microsoft says on the Windows 10 download page:

That's right.  If you want to install Windows 10, before you do absolutely anything, before they let you in the door, before you can run one line of Windows 10 code, you must first carry out the deeply arcane, difficult and problematic process of finding some way of copying the Windows 10 install files onto a USB stick.  Microsoft kindly reminds me that "DVD burning software often includes this capability".   Thanks. When Microsoft says "third-party program" what they mean is "some other bit of software that someone else may or may not have written, we don't really care".

Eventually I found some instructions on the web from how to do this on my Mac.  Here it is, you'll need to open a Unix terminal and type this command on your Apple Mac to commence the process of installing Windows 10:

dd if=en_windows_10_pro_insider_preview_10074_x64_dvd_6651360.iso of=/dev/disk4 bs=1m 

There's one for your grandmother to type in to upgrade Windows. Needless to say, the USB didn't boot and I don't know why and I really am not interested in why.

In the fantasy world in which Microsoft had a clue, they would have absolutely made damn sure that it was incredibly easy to get going.  They would have provided incredibly easy and reliable ways to create that USB stick from any version of Mac, Windows, Linux, even from versions ten years old, cause that's how long its been since some people have upgraded Windows.  It would have taken a matter of minutes, with clear and simple instructions and no need to leave the page at all.

Instead I have spent hours trying to do create an installable USB from Microsoft's install ISO, something that I have zero interest in and zero time for.

Undoubtedly I have returned to the world of Microsoft and Windows. I now expect the old cluelessness to pervade as ever it did before.


  1. You spent hours trying to create boot media? That really doesn't speak to your credibility to speak on matters of software and technology.

    1. Yep you're probably right. I used to enjoy fiddling with that crap just for the sake of it, now as I mentioned in the post, I have no interest at all in making bootable USB sticks or doing anything else just to make a computer work.

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