Thursday, May 21, 2015

Its hard to learn the easy way to develop software.

The irony of modern software development is that it is hard to learn how to do things the easy way. What I mean by that is that the easiest and most powerful ways of doing development often require a significant base level of learning and knowledge to understand. You can take a faster route to getting something up and running but the price is that it will be harder to work with. Someone has thought of an easier way, but first you must understand it.

All of that means that your choices are to get something quick and easy up and running but not really have any valuable long term understanding of the best way to do things. Or you can go through a painful period of "learning the easy way".

I recently did this and invested significant effort in learning react.js for the browser, and Python Falcon server for the back end, with Python Sqlalchemy for database access.

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