Friday, January 2, 2015

Private networks aren't. Time to direct connect everything to the Internet.

I understand this is a controversial idea that will lead to howls about how little I understand about security and what a bad idea this is.  Ignorance hasn't stopped me so far so I'll say it anyway.

It's time to direct connect all computing  devices to the Internet and do away with the concept of the "private network".

Private networks create the illusion that devices on the private network are somehow "protected from the Internet" and "not visible to hackers",  leading to complacency around the security of systems that are on private networks.  Systems on private networks are often configured to trust other machines on the private network, so once a hacker gains access to one machine on the private network, the task of hacking into other machines becomes easier.

Perhaps it's time to direct connect all computing devices to the Internet so everyone can be real about how secure they need to be to avoid penetration by hackers. You can't hide your computers behind the illusory safety of a private network.  Cause private networks aren't.

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