Saturday, January 3, 2015

Australia left wondering how to handle ice (crystal meth) epidemic.

Consider this article: Ice hits Melbourne's heroin heartland

People who live in and around these drug affected communities are yearning for the "good old days of heroin" when drug addicts just went to sleep after getting stoned instead of becoming violent and aggressive as they do on ice.

Drug users turn to ice because it's cheap and available.

Perhaps the way to combat ice is to make "the good old drugs" like heroin free (as in $0) and free (as in freely available) so people don't need to turn to "the bad new drugs" like ice to get high.

Instead of the police "getting heroin off the streets", maybe it's time we did the opposite.  Supply and demand.  Give the drug addicted people the less harmful drugs for free in an attempt to stamp out demand for the more harmful drugs. If there's no heroin then the drug addicted folks will want something - that something seems to be ice.

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