Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I sent one of the best developers I know to a job interview, he was rejected.

I worked closely with a guy for five years who was one of the very best developers I've ever worked with.  He was very fast to develop highly reliable, feature rich code.  Very fast to learn any new technology.  Modest, easy to work with, nice guy, no hassle to anyone ever. Could build applications of arbitrary complexity. From my personal experience of five years of working with this guy closely, daily, I knew he was one of the best developers you can possibly find.

Eventually I sent him for a job interview with a company.

This company of course, like all companies, have a "really well thought out interview process that does a great job at identifying the best developers".  Just like YOUR company.

What happened?  They interviewed him, they rejected him.

THINK about that.  Have a close think about it. Now think about your company's awesome recruiting process.


  1. To be the best developer for a "Company" you don't need to be only technically good but also a team player, communicate with the team and all those things that just make you a fun person to be around. thats my opinion.

    You should encourage this guy to think of doing his own thing. Companies don't need "Top developers" but rather fun and team players. Maybe this guy didn't have that.

  2. You are not going for a popularity contest. A candidate has to be an asset to the company.

    You might want to hire the technically gifted programmer who is known to be harsh but usually correct when reviewing code and just take it when they say things like "That's a beginners mistake..." or "Can't you see that ..." or "Come on! that's the same mistake as ..."